Why Are They Called Summer Salts

why are they called summer salts – 1560s, “jumping,” a heraldic term, from latin salientem (nominative saliens), present participle of salire “to jump,” from a pie base of questionable structure (source likewise of sanskrit sisarsi, sisrate “to stream, run, hurry;”greek hallesthai “to jump,” center irish saltraim “i stomp on,” center welsh sathar “stomping on”). The …

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What Does Grawlix Mean

what does grawlix mean – : a progression of typographical images, (for example, $#!) utilized in text as a trade for foulness. you’ve seen a grawlix previously, particularly in the event that you’ve at any point perused the sunday comics. Yet, you probably won’t know that the thing had a name. The grawlix is the …

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