What Does Seki Mean In Texting

what does seki mean in texting – seki a. type: contribution; cool, incredible, magnificent, the best, brilliant (famous samoan interjection).

Toko is an as of late presented shoptalk word (utilized predominately by youth) got from the tongan word tokoua.

Tokoua alludes to a kin of a similar orientation for example i (a male) would consider my sibling my tokoua.

The words for siblings separately are tu’onga’ane and tu’ofefine. “uso” is the samoan word for sibling, and “uce” its abbreviated variant.

“dox” is the tongan same. Beginning as “tokoua”, meaning kin in tongan, abbreviated to “toko”, then, at that point, to “toks” lastly to “dox”.

Me-le, mel-e ] the child young lady name mele is likewise utilized as a kid name. It is articulated as miyl u2020.

Mele’s language of beginning is hebrew. It is overwhelmingly utilized in hawaiian, samoan, and tongan.

Mele is a type of the english mary. Learning another dialect can be really fulfilling and fun obviously, occasionally our cerebrums need a rest! to enjoy some time off and gain something that we can’t find from the course readings, here are the absolute most utilized korean revile words.

What Does Sekki Mean?

Noun. sekki. (banking) cheque, check (note promising to pay money to a named person or entity)

What Does Uce Mean?

The term “uce”, coined by the Samoan diaspora in New Zealand and the US, is growing in Australian usage. “Uce” comes from the Samoan word uso, and is used when a man addresses another man as his brother, or a woman addresses another woman as her sister.

What Does Seki Mean?

en cool, great, excellent, the best, wonderful (popular Samoan exclamation).

What Is Secki?

Seki (セキ) is a Japanese term for an impasse that cannot be resolved into simple life and death. It is sometimes translated as “mutual life” (Chinese: 双活; pinyin: shuāng huó). For example, a capturing race may end in a position in which neither player can capture the other.

What Does Seki Mean Korean?

새끼 (sae-kki, –): A noun used to derogatorily refer to any general person. The word, when not used as a profanity, is used to describe a young of an animal. Note it can also be used affectionately too. 개새끼 (gae-sae-kki, —): Equivalent to the English phrase “son of a bitch”.

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